A tip from your server…

I know that none of my friends would be so rude to their waitress, but check out this view from my Daughter’s perspective!


Dear table 34;

After greeting you so friendly at the door to be shocked by the total number of guests that would be in your party. Twenty… Let me repeat that TWENTY. I along with a fellow server we took time away from our other tables to set up a “table” for twenty, that being said I situated myself and got ready for an organized order with laughs and polite conversing. Little did I know you have now changed your guest count to an eight top. That’s fine, wonderful in fact I can focus more on each person their order, refills and my other tables… HA-HA you tricked me! After being ordered back and forth for more ranch, refills, dislikes of Bahama Mamas and Long Island Ice-tea I asked a young girl what was wrong… If there was anything I could get her, when she went on to tell me…

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I Miss Them When They Sleep


It is a strange feeling that comes over me when our girls are both quietly snuggled in their beds and fast asleep.  At that moment, I sincerely miss them. I miss the sound of their voices, their laughter, and even their quick footsteps as they run around us with more energy than I can muster at the peak of my day.

Now it is silent, deafeningly quiet even.

It is in sharp contrast to the feelings I had moments earlier.  Just minutes before, when we were trying desperately to get them to wind down for the night, I “couldn’t wait” to get them into bed.  They’re so loud and chaotic!  Is it bedtime yet!?   I am so ready!  So anxious in fact, we forego the daily routine of books and quiet interaction with them in their rooms with shapes, colors, search and find books and the like.  I just needed time myself to decompress.

And now I have it.

It’s not even 9pm and they are asleep.  And it is quiet.  Too quiet.  I reach for my iPad and check my email and Facebook pages.  A quick look through Instagram and Twitter.  I might even have a Snapchat or two to view.  Well that was a fun, let’s see…15 minutes, hmmm, now what?  Maybe we can watch one of our TV shows?  Nope.  Heather is diligently working on her MacBook.  Let me see what’s on anyways.

And with a ‘click’ I am brought right back to thoughts of my girls – Sprout is on and it’s an episode of the Pajanimals.  I feel like they are a million miles away.  A glance at the baby monitor – still both asleep, as best I can tell.  Where did the day go?  I need to spend more time with them.  Yes, that’s it, maybe a family day at the park, or a nature walk this weekend.  And at that very moment, the sound of our bedroom door slowly opening catches my attention.

It’s My Careena.  She waited for her sister to fall asleep so she could sneak out and, “come hang out with (us) for a little while,” as she says.  As she crawls up into the bed next to me and snuggles against me, she says, “I love you Daddy!”

There is nothing I needed more…except maybe her sister Hailee joining us!


Do you miss your kids at the end of the day too, or is this just…

This Dad’s View