What do we tell the children?

Carter Gaddis

What do we tell them?

What do we tell the children of Gaza as the tears stream down their faces, leaving tracks in the layer of dust that settled on their cheeks after bombs turned their homes into craters?

What do we say to the terrified children of Syria, where the innocent years have been smothered in bombs and blood?

What words are there for the lost and desperate children of the American border, where they stream across in their thousands, running from death, hoping for a new life?

What do we tell them? What can we do?

We see the images on TV, hear the horror even in the refined, detached voices of the men and women assigned to cover it. How can we change the channel? How can we look away?

How can we not, though?

It is easier, safer, to turn away from the horror than to…

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Life is Good!

Life is Good!  My wife and I say that – and mean it – several times a day.  It has truly become our family motto.  We have a beautiful home, new vehicles, a good income, a strong marriage, and two beautiful daughters.  No matter what challenges, problems, momentary crises, or simply drama comes our way, at the end of the day, Life is Good!

Life is short.  I recently read that the average life expectancy for a male in the United States is 78.  I am about to be 49.  If I follow the statistics, I have about 29 years left to spend with my family and friends.  That’s not much time to enjoy all of the blessings I have around me.  And that thought alone makes me realize just how much I have to remember, Life is Good!

Life is a journey.  When I look back at everything I have done in my life – everyone I have met, every place I have been – it is with truly fond memories.  Even the most challenging times in life, and the hardest problems and decisions I have made, led me right here to this very place and moment in my life where Life is Good!

So when I feel overwhelmed or down in any way, I just step back and look around.  I look at my beautiful daughters and wife and the countless other positive things in my life, and remember just how I got here.  And then, with my eyes closed and after a deep breath, I realize that from This Dad’s View…

Life is Good!

IMG_5831 US Nats Game

Do you ever reflect on how good things really are in your life even when they seem challenging?